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Our Team

John C. Morgan


John is an investment manager. He works in this are since 80s. Currently he works as a head manager for International Capital. He received his degree in law from University of California in Los Angeles.

For a while he worked as an accountant in a prosperous international company. After that he was fascinated in investing, and changed his place of work.

John also is a successful writer with more than 400 columns, written for famous magazines.

Robert T. Martin

Associate Editor

Robert’s main priority is long term horizon. He prefers to work with commodities market, maritime trade and macro operations.

He has degrees in Political Science and Economics.

For several years he was actively involved in politics. After that he changed his daily job to investment analytics. For the past 20 years he helped his clients to become rich.

Robert owns his small company. He is top-rated author in financial area, focused mainly in shipping industry.

He is well familiar with the insight situation at the marker, as he made many successful operations himself.

Brandon A. Baker


Brandon is a strategist in a big company. His main interest in natural resources, value and commodities market.

He is a partner of STL Capital, LP. His job is to help investors to make profitable investments in natural resources market.

His clients receive total security analysis.

Michael M. Griggs


Michael’s work usually combines different areas. He makes research for consumers, analysis of brands, design, and development if product. He buys stocks only from companies he knows, worked with or shares their ideas.

He is from Sweden and prefer to underline this in business.

Ron S. Johnson


Ron is well known investment strategist in his area. He has 15 years of experience. He worked as Financial Advisor in many big companies. He was a Vice President.